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In modern times, almost every internet user wants to start their website by getting influence from other website owners and that's why the whole number of websites are increasing day by day.

However, in this post, I'm not going to talk about how to make a website or how to start and run a blog rather I will present a cheap and speedy web-hosting service that every webmaster will love. 😘

VapourHost Review
VapourHost Review

Let me tell you an interesting story that was recently happened with me:

I was continuously searching on Google to get some low competitive keywords because it is easier to rank.

Actually, I wanted to build a site that can give me more traffic in less effort and surprisingly I found customer care related keywords is beneficial for me. I decided to make a website for our Indian customers.

Anyway, I visited to buy a domain name for it.

But, I'm not getting the exact domain name that I wanted to buy. GoDaddy was mercilessly showing "Sorry, this domain name is taken" again and again. πŸ˜‚

My site's goal is to help our Indian customers. So, this time I tried my luck and searched for an EMD (Exact Match Domain) "" and I was surprise when I saw it is available. I bought it instantly without further ado.

But, at the same time somewhere I read EMD increases the risk of search rankings down (Google's EMD update). I was upset. I again searched the term "EMD Update" on Google to know more about it and this article ( from Search Engine Watch solved all my doubts in a couple of minutes. 

Here are the significant lines from Search Engine Watch for EMD sites - 

" There are plenty of examples of EMDs that manage to stay high on the SERPs without fear of penalty – being one of the more high-profile examples.
It does this by being a legitimate non-spammy operation."

Anyway, I breathed a sigh of relief.

Now, the next task begins...

As you know, I'm not an avid user of WordPress platform but this time I really wanted to create a WordPress site.

If you are using WordPress (Blogging Platform) then you definitely need a fast web-hosting service. That's why choosing an effective hosting service is definitely a tricky task.

I heard numerous allegations about hosting services like Hostgator, GoDaddy, Bigrock, A Small Orange etc.

I don't know how but I found a web-hosting service named VapourHost on Facebook although I don't check my Facebook feed too much. I looked over to their site and the reasonable hosting packages startled me! 

Can you believe if a hosting package starts only from Rs.25? Seriously! It is true.

VapourHost Plans

Let's take a look at Vapourhost's amazing plans:

Vapourhost Mini Plan 1 - Rs.25 (0.40$) per month


• 1 GB SSD Space
• 25 GB Per Month Bandwidth
• All Premium Features
• Single Domain

Tips: Choose Mini Plan 1 if you are just going to launch your site or WordPress blog. So, you don't need to pay heavy hosting charges when you have no traffic.

Vapourhost Mini Plan 2 - Rs. 35 (0.55$) per month


• 2 GB SSD Space
• 35 Per Month Bandwidth
• All Premium Features
• Single Domain

Vapourhost Mini Plan 3 - Rs.45 (0.70$) per month


• 3 GB SSD Space
• 45 GB Bandwidth
• All Premium Features
• Single Domain

Tips: Select Mini Plan 2 or 3 if you are just started your site or WordPress blog and improving it. Because we don't want to pay ample hosting charges when we have low traffic.

So finally I bought Mini Plan 2 for as I'm developing it and very soon I will upgrade this plan.

Vapourhost Shared Plan 1 - Rs.60 (0.90$) per month


• 5 GB SSD Space
• 50 Per Month Bandwidth
• All Premium Features
• All Premium Perks
• Single Domain 

Vapourhost Shared Plan 2 - Rs.120 (1.80$) per month


• 10 GB SSD Space
• 100 GB Per Month Bandwidth
• All Premium Features
• All Premium Perks
• Three Domains

Tips: If you are getting decent traffic to your site then I suggest you use Shared Plan 1 or 2.

Vapourhost Shared Plan 3 - Rs.180 (2.70$) per month


• 15 GB SSD Space
• 200 GB Per Month Bandwidth
• All Premium Features
• All Premium Perks
• Unlimited Domain

Tips: Do you have multiple sites or blogs? Then Shared Plan 3 is perfect for you. Why? Because, Shared Plan 3 gives you freedom to host your unlimited domains.

Pros of VapourHost

Okay. Now, I'm going to share what exactly makes VapourHost stand out from the crowd.

● Reasonable Hosting Plans
● 99% Uptime Hosting
● User-Friendly Design
● 24×7 Customer Support
● 100% Money Back Guarantee
● 100% Secured
● Various Deals and Offers

Cons of VapourHost

To be honest I didn't find even a single cons to write for VapourHost. But, I would like to suggest one thing to VapourHost team that - 

When I last visited VapourHost, I was searching for a FAQ page but didn't find the same.

Publish the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page for your customers.

Because FAQ list help customers to quickly find necessary answers. It can solve many doubts in a second.

Anyway, it is something that can be overlooked.

VapourHost Review - A Quick Recap

Uptime:  πŸš€ πŸš€ πŸš€ πŸš€ πŸš€

Support:  πŸš€ πŸš€ πŸš€ πŸš€ πŸš€

Security:  πŸš€ πŸš€ πŸš€ πŸš€ πŸš€

Price:         πŸš€ πŸš€ πŸš€ πŸš€ πŸš€

Offer: Get 15% discount on VapourHost! Visit Vapourhost from here and use coupon  "BEPINKU".


In this article, I wrote an honest review of VapourHost web-hosting service. If you are not believing my words then I can give it a try and see how it is working. As the title of this post suggests, I'm sure you will fall in love with VapourHost.

Still, have any doubts? Then comment below, the VapourHost team will solve all your queries instantly.

Note: This is a sponsored post but not even a single word is biased. Visit our advertisement page to learn more about our sponsored post charges (starting from Rs.500).

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Md Sakil Ansari is the founder of BEPINKU.COM and INDIANCUSTOMER.IN, who loves to live a boss free life.


  1. Hey Md Sakil Ansari,thanks for publishing an honest review of VapourHost. I really appreciate that and FAQ page is present at
    And​ anextensive knowledge base is being cooked for the customers.
    For those who don't know me, I am the co-founder of VapourHost

  2. thank u so much for this review
    I also made a review on my blog u can check it out over here thanks

    1. Yeah. I just saw it. Great content but don't use too much keywords as it is not required. πŸ˜€

  3. I would like to try this hosting soon for my website MajorFact since it provides all premium features including SSL. Hope I get quality service worth for money.

    1. πŸ‘ Use coupon "BEPINKU" to get 15% instant discount.

  4. I am using vapourhost at my blog. and its amazing.