The Ultimate Guide to Earn Unlimited Money with Instamojo Refer and Earn Program

Make Money Online Do you want to earn unlimited money from Instamojo refer and earn program? I know your mind is saying a big YES. But how? Well, in this post I will share everything about Instamojo refer and earn program.

Instamojo Refer and Earn 

I already told you in my previous posts that I like to work with Instamojo and that's why I love to share my experiences with Instamojo. I also have an online store on Instamojo where I sell physical and digital products like books, Game CDs, Mobile Phones, Tablets, eBooks etc.

Not only that, Instamojo also helps you to collect payments from your customers easily with various payment modes such as Credit card, Debit Card, Net Banking, Mobile Wallets and UPI

Instamojo has simple yet powerful user-interface and the site is fully functional on mobile devices. 

I think Instamojo is India's best payment gateway and most promising brand.

However, without further ado, I'm going to share some secret tips about Instamojo refer and earn program.

Instamojo Refer and Earn

So, are you ready to earn unlimited money from Instamojo refer and earn program? Okay, let me tell you...

1. First of all, sign up on Instamojo through this unique link (required to get Rs.500 as sign up bonus).

2. Now it's time to verify your KYC documents. You just need to upload two important documents. 

One is PAN Card and another one is Bank Passbook. You can easily remove your monthly limit by visiting Instamojo dashboard section and uploading photos of your PAN card and Bank Passbook

KYC verification procedure takes only 2 days to complete. It's not as hard as you are thinking now.

Need Help? Instamojo support is waiting for you! If you have any issues regarding anything you can visit Instamojo support. They will help you instantly.

3. After verifying your KYC documents, visit "Invite and Earn" section and start referring your friends with your unique invitation link.

4. Instamojo will give both of you Rs.500. You have to refer as many friends as you can. 

Here are the tips to refer more people - 

To refer more people you can take help of
Social Media, Facebook ad, Blog and Email Marketing

Promote through a blog post: If you have a blog, you can easily refer your readers by including your referral link.


Write a blog post like this one - Instamojo Review: Use all Features of Instamojo from a Smart Phone and refer your friends to Instamojo through your referral link. 

Readers will sign up on Instamojo through your referral link and you will get a commission of Rs.500 from Instamojo.

Promote through a Facebook ad: Facebook ad can be a great option for you to share your Instamojo referral link. But, you need to invest some bucks on Facebook ads

You can write a strong call to action Facebook post to sign up on Instamojo, include your Instamojo referral link and start promoting on Facebook.

You can Invest Rs.1000-2000 to get benefit from Facebook ads. If you are getting a good result from the Facebook ad, invest more money on it.

Promote through a Social Media post: If you have huge social media fans you can easily earn some quick money from Instamojo refer and earn program.

As I told you earlier, write a strong call to action social media post including your referral link and share it on your social media accounts link Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc.

Promote through email marketing: Do you have a good number of email subscribers? Then start sending your promotional emails to your subscribers. 

Nowadays email marketing is an important part of Digital Marketing. Email marketing also helps you turn your one-time visitor into a regular visitor.

If you are a Blogger and not capturing the emails of your readers then you are doing a blunder. That's why I'm telling you to start collecting emails of your readers.

There are many professional bloggers are using Instamojo Partner program and I'm also using it.

What is Instamojo Partner Program?

Instamojo partner program is another way to earn money from Instamojo. Just help Instamojo enable more merchants to accept online payments and earn money from home.

Instamojo Partner

How to become an Instamojo Channel Partner?

To become an Instamojo privileged partner, fill out an online form by visiting here - That's it. Instamojo will contact you with the further details.

Who can partner with Instamojo?

Anyone can take the partnership with Instamojo including Freelancers, Bloggers, Web Developers, Ecommerce consultants, Graphic designers, SEO agencies, Marketing agencies etc.

What do you get from Instamojo?

• Monthly on-time payment in your bank account for your referrals.
• Dedicated relationship manager for your help.
• Regular updates about Instamojo's products and features and more...

So what are you waiting for? Sign up on Instamojo and start earning unlimited money from Instamojo refer and earn program.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comment section below.

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Hindi Blogging Tips - Top 10 Tips For Hindi Bloggers

Are you want to be a Hindi blogger? Or are you thinking to start a Hindi blog? If yes, this post is only for you because in this post I will share latest hindi blogging tips with you.

Hindi Blogging Tips

Hindi Blogging Tips for Hindi Bloggers

If you are thinking that blogging is an easy task then let me tell you that it is not. You have to do hard work to make your blog popular and it takes time. So, you need patience.

However, let's start our discussion about Hindi Blogging Tips.

1. Start Your Hindi Blogging Journey with Blogger Platform

Are you a native Hindi speaker? If yes, then you can start your blogging journey right now by using Blogger platform. Blogger is owned by Google Inc. Otherwise, if you want to start with Wordpress (self-hosted), you have to pay huge hosting charges but listen to me why you will pay when you are getting absolutely free blogging platform from Google Inc. 

Also, you can change your platform at any time. All you have to do is buy a custom domain name from cheap domain name providers like Godaddy, Bigrock, and Namecheap and connect it with your Blogger blog.

Don't know how to connect domain name with your blog? You can search YouTube for online tutorials or search it on Google. You will get hundreds of detailed explanations. It is not as hard as you are thinking now. Its easy and takes only 5-10 minutes to setup completely.

2. Don't Do Copy and Paste

Many beginner bloggers make mistake by doing copy and paste. Even when I was a beginner I also did the same mistake and now I'm thinking what a big mistake I ever did. 

It also hurt your search engine rankings and your online reputation. So, don't make a blunder. Try to write from your heart. Obviously, it will take the time to improve your writing.

3. Make Your Blog Attractive

Don't build a Hindi blog which is looking as it is created on 1990. Ha ha! No. I'm telling you seriously then nobody will visit your website. The inbuilt blogger templates are also boring. That's why I have written several articles about it.

You can read all these posts from here:

New Blogger Templates 2017 - Create an Amazing Blog on Blogger Platform

Top 5 Free Coupon Templates For Blogger Platform

4. Start Building An Email List From 1st Day

You're doing a great mistake if you are not building an email list. The email list is your hidden money maker. Email Marketing is the simple and probably the best way to connect with your readers.

Remember the line that I told you in my previous post

"When I was a beginner Blogger I didn't take Email Marketing seriously. But, now I'm thinking what a great mistake I ever did."

Here is the another line from my recent blog post -

"Email Marketing can help you get traffic, leads, and eventually big commissions from your Affiliate networks. Really! It's not a joke. So, grow your subscribers to reach your goal."

That's why I'm forcing you to start building an email list from the day 1. To create your email list you can use amazing tools like MailChimp (suitable for beginners), Aweber, Constant Contact etc.

5. Sign up on Google Search Console

If you are thinking to buy a custom domain then reserve it now. You can use keywords in your custom domain name if available. It will help your Hindi Blog to rank higher in Google search results. Otherwise, you can choose any domain name.

After buying a custom domain name for your Hindi blog, sign up on Google Search Console. Here at Search Console, you can do all the things which are related to SEO such as you can ask Googlebot to crawl your web pages, you can check your backlinks and more.

6. Choose Your Target Keywords

Keyword researching is the important task that you have to do before writing an engaging content. For researching keywords you can use free tools like KWFinder, Ubersuggest, Keywordshitter or you can use Google Autosuggest too.

Choosing a target keyword is very important for your blog. At the beginning, I recommend you to focus on Long Tail Keywords because it is easier to rank on search engine. 

Okay. Let me give you an example: If you are writing a content about "Blogging" then your short tail keyword will be - "Blogging" and the long tail keyword will be - "Hindi Blogging Tips". In this post, I did the same trick and that's why you are here. 

When I was telling you about long tail keyword above I used my focus keyword once again. Is not? Yeah. I mean "ek teer se do shikaar"!

7. Write Blog Posts Regularly

To rank higher on Google and other search engines you have to publish posts regularly. If writing a blog post is consuming a lot of time then you can publish content on weekly basis. Many people think "Consistency is the key" and I strongly believe in this.

8. Build Backlinks

Building backlinks is an on-going process. There are two types of backlink - Do-Follow and No-Follow. But both of them are important to build a good backlink profile.

You can start making backlinks after publishing 4-5 posts. Make backlinks through blog commenting, involve in roundup posts, always write in-depth articles to get backlinks automatically or you can get backlinks by social bookmarking. As I already said, making backlinks is an on-going process. So, try to make 5-10 backlinks per day. It will boost your rankings.

9. Social Sharing

Do you ever wonder how your readers can share your posts on social media platforms?

The answer is simple - Share Buttons

Make it easier for your readers to share your blog posts on Social Media.

Tools - Addthis (my favorite), ShareThis, Sumo, add to any, Shareaholic etc.

You can use inline or sidebar share buttons to get likes and shares on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram etc.

Note: The Social signal is a very important signal which helps you increase your domain authority.

10. Create Important Pages

Your readers will trust you if you add these pages - About, Contact, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and Disclaimer. I recommend you to create all these pages if you are going to apply for Adsense advertising program.

How to create Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer page?

If can visit any one of the following Privacy Policy generator tools -

Bonus Tip - Many newbies make a mistake by adding too many ads on his/her blog. It is not going to help you to make money fast rather your earnings will decrease. If you follow my blogs regularly then you might notice I don't show ads between content. But you can use affiliate links.

It's your turn

I told you every single information that you need to know to kick-start your own Hindi blog. Did you know? You can earn money by using CPC, CPM, CPA ads like Google Adsense, Chitika and most importantly Affiliate Marketing from your Hindi blog.

Did you know, I already started my own Hindi Blog with a sub-domain and here it is - HINDI.BEPINKU.COM. In this blog, I share my knowledge about Blogging, Digital Marketing, Social Media, and SEO. You can check it for your inspiration and let me know what you think.

Anyway, hope you like this post which was about hindi blogging tips for hindi bloggers and don't wait, be a Hindi Blogger, start your blogging journey and share your experience with me at

Do let me know if you have more questions regarding Hindi Blog in the comment area.

Recently, I created a YouTube Channel - Md Sakil Ansari, subscribe to my YouTube channel to get latest reviews about various products.

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How to Use Instamojo to Sell Your eBooks + Grow Your Email Subscribers with Instamojo

How Tos Are you thinking to write eBooks to make money online? But don't know how and where to sell? Well. In this blog post, I will explain to you how you can sell your eBooks through Instamojo online store. It's simple and super easy!

Instamojo Online Store

I have written many posts about Instamojo. Missed? Here is the list:

1. Instamojo Review: Use All Features Of Instamojo From a Smart Phone
2. How to Change Payout Details of Your Instamojo Account?
3. How To Accept Payments Via Digital Wallets Using Instamojo?

Simply, you can write eBooks easily by using MS-Word. You have to make custom pages of 13.97cm × 21.59cm. Also, you can add page numbers. For eBooks, "Georgia" is my favorite font.

Sell your eBooks through Instamojo

1. Sign up on 
2. Complete all the mandatory steps - upload the KYC documents, verify your phone number and setup your payout details.
3. Start selling eBooks via Instamojo.

Adding an eBook on Instamojo

Adding an eBook 

• Click on "Add Product".

• Now choose "Digital Product" and upload the PDF file you want to sell.

• Add Product Title, description, and price (write "0" to make it free).

• Upload a preview image, Instamojo supports PNG, JPEG and JPG formats.

• Now click on "Add Product to Store". 

That's it. Instamojo will give you a customizable short link for your eBook. Customize it to make it cool like - and promote it on your Blog, Social Media platforms.

Instamojo will charge 5% + Rs.3 for selling an eBook. You don't have to subscribe to any plan. Your customers can buy your eBooks through Credit card, Debit card, Net Banking and Digital Wallets. Instamojo will transfer your earnings to your local bank account within 3 days.

So, what are you waiting for? Create your first eBook and sell it through Instamojo online store and I'm sure your readers will love it.

Let me know if you face any issues in the comment section below. I promise I will help you.

Bonus Post: How to Use Instamojo to Collect Emails of Your Readers

If you are using Blogger platform then you can use Instamojo to collect emails of your readers by giving them a free eBook. Don't know how? Okay. I will tell you in this blog post. Move on!

How to use Instamojo to collect emails of your readers

Email Marketing is the important branch of Digital Marketing and Email Marketing is the best and successful way to turn your one-time visitor into a regular visitor. When I was a beginner Blogger I didn't take Email Marketing seriously. But, now I'm thinking what a great mistake I ever did.

Email Marketing can help you get traffic, leads, and eventually big commissions from your Affiliate networks. Really! It's not a joke. So, grow your subscribers to reach your goal.

Are you ready to grow your email subscribers?

I personally use this method to collect emails from my visitors. You can do it too.

Tools that you need - Mailchimp and Hellobar, both are free.

• First of all, create an eBook, upload it on Instamojo and copy your short link.

• Now sign up on Hellobar and add your site.

• Click on "Create a New Hellobar" and then "Promote a Sale/Discount".

• Look what I actually did in the screenshot below -

Promote a Sale

• After that press "Continue", select bar as a style, choose a perfect color combination to mix it with your blog and click on "Save and Publish".

• Copy the HTML code and paste it on your blogger blog by visiting Layout --> Add Gadget --> Add HTML/Javascript --> Save Changes or if you are using Wordpress then you can use Hellobar plugin too.

Hellobar will start showing your link like this - 

The readers will download your eBook through Instamojo store by providing his/her email.

Now, you have to visit Instamojo --> Sales and Customers and here you will find all the email addresses of your readers who already downloaded your free eBook.

Open Mailchimp app and add each email addresses and names to grow your mailing list. That's it!

Hope you like this post, don't forget to share it with your friends. Also, let me know if you face any problems in the comment section below.

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Top 5 Free Coupon Templates For Blogger Platform

Blogging In my recent post, I already explained how we can make an amazing blog on blogger platform with the help of free blogger templates. Today, I'm going to share some free coupon templates for blogger which can help you to make a high-quality coupon niche blog.

Templates For Coupon Blogs

Recently, I have created a blog to publish latest coupons and deals daily and obviously, I'm using blogger platform. Because you know it is my favorite blogging platform. 

Coupon Templates For Blogger

Believe me, choosing a perfect template for deals and coupon website was a very tough job for me. I searched more than 50 blogger templates and found these 5 blogger templates are suitable for any deals and coupons website. You can use these templates without any hassle and I'm sure you will thank me later.

Free Coupon Templates For Blogger Platform

1. Your Coupon

Your Coupon

Your coupon blogger template is mainly made for coupon blogs. I already used this template before on my coupon blog - What I like in this template is font style and space for advertisement. The font is very stylish and looking brilliant.


• Responsive
• SEO Friendly
• Mobile Friendly
• Adsense Friendly
• Custom 404 Page
• In-built Social Sharing Buttons

Watch Demo or Download Your Coupon Blogger Template   - Your Coupon

2. IPrime


IPrime is a template with a clean and bold design. This template is suitable for any blogging niche. I like its cool and trendy look.


• Responsive Layout
• Adsense Optimized
• Search Engine Friendly
• Easy to Navigate
• Trendy Design
• Awesome Font 
• Mobile Friendly

Watch Demo or Download IPrime Blogger Template - IPrime

3. NewCon:


If you are looking for a modern and clean designed blogger template for your coupon site then NewCon is just made for you.


• Responsive Design
• SEO Friendly
• Mobile Optimized
• Adsense Friendly
• Drop-down Menu
• Custom Newsletter Subscription Box
• Auto Resize Thumbnail Images
• Custom 404 Error Page

Watch Demo or Download NewCon Blogger Template - NewCon

4. Top Magazine

Top Magazine

Top Magazine is the best choice if you want to start a coupon blog in an elegant style.


• Responsive Layout
• Ads Ready
• SEO Ready
• Fast Loading
• Mobile Friendly
• Custom 404 Page

Watch Demo or Download Top Magazine Blogger Template - Top Magazine

5. Chic Mag

Chig Mag

This is an another great blogger template which is made for fashion blogs but you can easily use this blogger template for your coupon blog.


• Responsive Design
• SEO Ready
• Adsense Optimized
• Mobile Friendly
• Good-looking Font
• Fast Loading

Watch Demo or Download Chic Mag Blogger Template - Chic Mag

Bonus: Tips to increase your revenue from these free coupon templates

If you have a Google AdSense account then use it otherwise, you can try, Amazon associates, cuelinks, viglink etc to boost your earnings. 

To boost your overall revenue use AdSense and Amazon affiliate together.

I recommend you to use 3 or 4 Adsense ad units. To get better CTRs (Click Through Rate) use ad units like 300×100 large mobile banner - above post title, 336×280 large rectangle - after the post and 300×600 large skyscrapper - on the sidebar.

But don't use AdSense ads inside the post rather you can use Amazon affiliate to show related products. You will get a commission when someone buys products through your referral links.

So what are you waiting for? Go and create a coupon website on Blogger platform

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Free Keyword Research Tools For SEO : Latest Edition

Blogging Are you still struggling to increase your blog visitors? Are you thinking how to get unlimited organic traffic from the search engine giants like Google and Bing?

Free keyword research tools

Well... In this blog post, I will tell you how to find long tail keywords to get unlimited traffic from Google. Also, I will share free keyword research tools for SEO.

But before that I suggest you check your domain authority first. Why? Because domain authority is one of the most important factors that defines how well your blog/website will rank on Google.

Also Read: How To Create An Amazing Blog on Blogger Platform

If you find that your domain authority is less than 30, then it's better to write content with long tail keywords. At the same time if you notice that your domain authority is more than 30, then it's better to go with short tail keywords.

Note: If your domain authority is high, short tail keywords can send more traffic from search engines. 

Free keyword research tool for SEO

Keyword research is the essential element of Search Engine Optimization. Now tell me who will read your articles if you don't do SEO correctly? No one! 

A right keyword can increase your blog traffic by 200% in no time. So, you can use these keyword research tools to find suitable keywords for your blog/website.

1. UBERSUGGEST: Ubersuggest is my favorite keyword research tool. This tool is completely free and created by an Italian SEO expert. You can use it to get hundreds of long tail keyword in no time. Also, you can copy and paste your keywords into a spreadsheet or download them as a .csv file instantly.

But you will not get details like keyword difficulty, search volume etc.


Update: Ubersuggest has been acquired by Neil Patel. We can expect more amazing free features on Ubersuggest.

2. KWfinder: KWfinder is another great tool to find long tail keywords. I know that very rare people use KWfinder keyword research tool to search target keywords but I can proudly say that it is the best keyword research tool available on the internet.


This tool not only shows long tail keywords but also shows DA, PA, social signals and top ranking search engine pages (SERPs) of your targeted keyword. 

I can say it is the best alternative of Google keyword planner.

To use more features of this tool, you can buy KWfinder's premium plan.

3. Keyword Shitter: Keyword Shitter is too easy to use. This too can also help you to generate long tail keywords. All you need to do is first visit and enter your seed keyword in the blank box and now you have to click on 'shit keywords'.

Keyword Shitter

Keyword Shitter will generate hundreds of long tail keywords. But you have to work with one or two long tail keywords if your domain authority is low. 

Otherwise, if you have a good DA score then you can target so many long tail keywords to get unlimited traffic from Google and Bing.

This tool is absolutely free of cost and you can use it right now! 

4. Yoast Suggest: Do you know Yoast? Yes. It is the best SEO plugin for Wordpress. Almost everyone is using this popular SEO plugin to make their Wordpress blog SEO friendly. Recently Yoast has made a keyword research tool which is called Yoast Suggest. This tool is specially designed to find some long tail keywords.

Yoast Suggest

5. : Probably you heard this name. Is not? Recently, I personally tried this awesome keyword suggestion tool to see how it is working to search long tail keywords.

Keyword Tool

May be you know that is the best alternative to Google's keyword planner. Luckily, this tool is also free of cost. You don't have to pay anything.

Apart from Google, this tool lets you search keywords from different sources like Amazon, Youtube, Yahoo etc.


So I have listed all the important keyword suggestion tools that I found very helpful to optimize my blog for search engines. But, you can't pick all of them that I mentioned above. I will recommend you to use KWfinder to get long tail keywords. Currently, I'm using this tool to find targeted keywords for my blog. 

Give all of them a try and let me know which tool is working best for you. Also share this post with your friends.