Instamojo Store: Start Your Online Business Through Instamojo Online Store (A Detailed Guide)

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Create an Instamojo store, build your online business

Starting an online business is really a tough job. Isn't it? Because you have to pick the proper business from hundreds of online business ideas, select the right category, choose the suitable name for your online business, select the right platform and lastly you have you learn the best marketing strategy. 

So don't make blunder without understanding anything. I already suffered from this blur situation. That's why I'm writing this blog post.

In this post I will help you to bloom your own online business with Instamojo store.

I have already written many blog posts which are related to Instamojo. If you already read then skip otherwise you can read all those articles from here - 

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Okay. Hope you understood everything about Instamojo. 

Instamojo has mobile optimised site. So you can start your online business from your smart phone. You don't need to carry heavy weight laptop. Start, run and grow your online business on the go.

Let's start our discussion in detail:

The sites like Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal are making millions by selling physical and digital goods.

All you need to do is sign up on Instamojo, upload your KYC documents, verify it (KYC documents aren't required for trial account), setup your payout by entering your name, account number, IFSC code, branch name etc. After that your online store will be create automatically.
Instamojo online store

Now you can add products to your online store easily. Look at below pictures to understand it better:

What you can sell in your Instamojo online store?

You can sell both physical and digital products. If you want to sell digital goods then you don't need to ship items like physical goods. Just write title, description, price, insert a picture and upload your digital good (such as PDF eBooks). It is that simple and the delivery is taken care of Instamojo.

Let me give you some ideas about physical goods:

As I already mentioned above that you can sell everything on Instamojo. So you can sell all the items that are listed below -

1. ebooks
2. CDs, DVDs
3. Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Cameras
4. Men's wear,  woman's wear, kid's wear
5. Sports material
6. Beauty products
7. Handcrafted products etc.

Adding products in your Instamojo online store

Click on 'Add Products' and start writing about your product like title, description, its price, upload a photo.

Now when you are adding products in your online store, try to use search engine optimization (SEO). All of your product page can be SEO optimised.

How to do SEO for your online store?

At Instamojo you can do search engine optimization easily to get organic traffic. Okay. I'm giving you a clear explanation -
Step 1
SEO Options
Step 2
SEO Options

After adding 100+ products on your Instamojo store, it's time to start a killer marketing technique. If you don't know what you have to do then I'm here to help you but before that complete all the steps that are mentioned below:

• Visit 'Settings' from your Instamojo account, now click on 'profile settings' and upload your store's logo. Create a logo yourself or make a proffesional logo from sites like Fiverr or Upwork.

• Write some words about your online store and update your profile. For example, visit BEPINKUSTORE's online store.

• Create a Facebook page for your online store, request your friends to like this page.

• Create a Twitter account for your store and try to increase your followers.

• Similarly you can create a Google+ page.

Do you know why I'm asking you to create social media pages for your store? Because it will boost your search engine presence and you will get more traffic to your online store.

I have done all these things! Now what's next?

Now it's time to kick-start the real marketing by using Facebook ads. As you know that Facebook offers very cheap targeted ads for your online business. You can boost sales through Facebook ads.

• Visit your Facebook page that you have already created.

• Create a 'Shop Now' button by using your online store's URL (i.e -

• You can showcase your products on your Facebook page. This is a great concept because showcasing products will make it easy for the people to browse and buy. If you are not seeing any option to showcase your products then change your template by clicking on 'edit page' option. I recommend you to choose 'Shopping' template. Use your online store's URL in the description of your product.
Showcase your products

• Publish Facebook posts about your products along with product URLs. You can URL shorteners like bitly to track every click.

• Click on 'Promote' button. Now start displaying Facebook ads to your buyers. To do that click on 'Boost your post' or 'Get more sales'.

• Target your audience by choosing region, interests, age, gender etc.

• Select your daily budget, you control how much you spend. If you are a beginner then I recommend you to choose a lower budget like Rs.345, you can always choose your own budget (minimum Rs.40).

• Add your credit or debit card. I personally use ICICI Bank's Debit card and till now it is working perfectly and start your promotion on Facebook.

I hope Facebook ads and SEO will work best for you in terms of generate more sales.

I have tried to give you the best guide to start your own online business through Instamojo store. Hope you liked this post.

If you have any doubts, questions or queries regarding this topic then you can comment below. I will try to solve your problem. I worked day and night to write this post, do share this article with your friends. 

See you in the next post.

BEPINKU.COM December 2016 Traffic and Income Report

Be Pinku
December 2016

Happy new year! How are you all? Hope you all are enjoying this festive season. What a great year 2016 was. I started my blogging journey with BEPINKU.COM in 2016, a memorable year.

However, in this short blog post I'm going share my second traffic and income report. Keep reading!

This year I started a new blog to share deals and offers from various recharge and shopping sites like Freecharge, Paytm, Amazon, Snapdeal, Bigrock etc. Do check this exclusive deal store to save your time and money.

Currently I have total 5 blogs. So here is the list:

1. BEPINKU.COM - You are here. Read online business related blogs.

2. HINDI.BEPINKU.COM - Read online business related blog posts in Hindi.

3. DEALS.BEPINKU.COM - We just talked about it. Here you will find latest deals and coupons from various sources.

4. GADGETS.BEPINKU.COM - Here I publish gadgets news and reviews. Currently I'm working on it. Stay tuned! Will launch very soon.

5. SAKIL.BEPINKU.COM - This is my portfolio site but here I also share my personal views and experiences.

Looks like you are enjoying this post or may be you are losing your patience so I'm sharing BEPINKU.COM's traffic report without any delay.

Traffic Report:

Audience Overview
Audience Demographics
Audience by acquisition
As you know that recently I launched a new deal store and like the previous month I didn't publish any post in That's why I got the same result. Isn't it?

Anyway, let me try this month.


In my previous earning report I told you that "I just started using Google Adsense. Later, I will make more money from it."
So I earned a very little amount from it - 13 USD (Rs.885 approximately). I don't use too many ad units. Because I give top priority in user experience.

I'm also started using Amazon affiliate program in one of my blog.

In this December I made money from the below sources:

• Google Adsense
• Amazon Affiliate Program
• Website building services

Total earnings: 27.039 USD (1842 INR approx.)

Expenses: No expenses in this month.

In this year I have to work more to make increase my overall income. I'll try my luck on Affiliate Marketing. Because we can't depend on Google Adsense because it can be banned at any time.

Bye! See you in the next post.

BEPINKU.COM November 2016 Traffic and Income Report

Be Pinku
November 2016

What a lucky month is just passed away. Really, the last month was a great month for me. 

By the way, in this post, I'm going to share my first traffic and income report. All you need to do is to sit back and relax. I'm giving you each and every detail one by one.

In this month I started earning money from my online business. But believe me, it is not an easy task to earn money from a blog. It requires hard work and patience. 

To earn good amount of money you have to increase your traffic of your blog and that's why you need to learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) clearly.

So, "First learning then earning".

Currently, I'm using Blogger as my blogging platform. Hope you know that Blogger is not good enough for SEO purpose. That is why I installed  SEO friendly blogger template. It helps me to rank higher in Google search results.

Now I'm generating high-quality contents. It will increase my visitors, popularity and revenue. At the same time, it will decrease my Alexa rank, bounce rate and spam score.

In November, I made a plan to launch various products and services to earn more from my online business.

Recently, I created my portfolio site on Blogger.

Suggested Reading: Why I love to use Blogger as my blogging platform?

You can check my portfolio site and please don't forget to give your feedback in the comment section. I will re-create my portfolio site according to your suggestion.

Let's talk about BEPINKU.COM's traffic in November:

In this month I didn't write anything except an interview with Danish Wadhwa. That's why I didn't get enough visitors. 

In October, I wrote 5 blog posts about Instamojo. If you still don't know about Instamojo then I will suggest  you to read this post about Instamojo:

Let me share BEPINKU.COM's traffic report:

Audience Overview

Users: 226
Sessions: 410
New users: 218

Audience Demographics

I got the visitors from countries like India, US, Germany, Austria etc.

Audience by Acquisition

Social - 88 users
Direct - 86 users
Organic Search - 43 users
Referral - 19 users

Income Report:

It's time to reveal my earnings of the last month. I started using Google Adsense in October 2016 and since then I haven't earned anything from it. But I earned money by doing some other tasks as listed below:

1. Freelance Writing
2. WordPress Site Customization
3. Creating Backlinks and
4. SEO Consultation

Total Earnings: 37 USD (2500 INR approximately)

Later, I will make more money from Google Adsense.

Expenses: No expenses in this month.

Did you know? I created many useful sites using sub-domains. Here is the full list: - learn online business in Hindi. - find latest recharge and shopping deals. - read product reviews and order variety of products in no time. Instant shipping and fast delivery is guaranteed!

However, I'm writing posts for these sites. I will publish that articles soon. So, Stay tuned!

Also I need some content writers for these sites. Let me know if you want to write. If you have any questions then shoot an email at I will reply within 24 hours.

Do share this earning report with your near and dear ones. See you in the next post.

An Inspiration Filled Interview with the Growth Hacker and Founder of Worduct: Danish Wadhwa

I'm so glad to have someone special with us today. Yes, he is Danish Wadhwa, founder of Worduct. He runs both Worduct blog and Worduct online store.

Danish Wadhwa, Founder at Worduct

1. First of all share a bit about you...

Hey guys I am Danish - Digital Marketer and Growth Hacker consulting various brands for online marketing to boost their business on the web. I am founder at Worduct where we help people to stay productive at work and do more work in less time.

2. When and how you started blogging?

I never planned to start a blog it came along my way when I was running a web hosting company which I sold in 2015. I started helping people to manage and host their website via our blog which took me all the way into blogging. As I got a tremendous response from it so I decided keep content the face of my all upcoming ventures. 

3. When and how you started your online store?

The idea came into my mind when our HR team decided to hang some motivational stuff around the office to bring more productivity from people, this clicks my mind and after few internal meeting we decided to start a store where we will sell only motivational stuff which helps people to achieve little more in their life. 

4. What was your greatest failure in your life and what did you learn from that?

I believe "some times you win, some times you learn" but you never lose. There is no big failure I can recall instead I can recall many failures in my life. The best part of me is that i don't have courage to give up :)

5. How you got the name 'Worduct' for your blog and online store?

As I discussed earlier I wanted to help people to do more work in less time i.e. Work Productively. So I decided to short it to (Wor)k-Pro(duct)ively. I am sure nothing could be better than this for Productivity theme as we got the name available in .com extension.

6. Do you invest in advertising for your businesses?

Yes we do invest a small chunk of budget on paid advertisement. But my main focus is to pass the major chunk of marketing budget to our customers in the form of discount and freebies. With the same thought we decided to give away first poster for free to all visitors on our store: using coupon code: WELCOME.

7. How do you manage time to run your blog and online store?

Managing time is really not a challenge for me, because I learned it the hard way and now teaching same on our blog. I have different teams for blog and shop and I handle the major part of content and marketing.

I manage my time in all of this by doing one task at a time, and reaching my office at time in the morning which is the toughest task for any entrepreneur ;) 

8. How do you motivate yourself to keep the store up and running?

I keep myself motivated by putting posters around me :) Yes its true the quotes which suits me are in my cabin and I keep on staring when I relax. Yes! this hack really motivates me.

Tuuiiiing sound on my mobile for new orders is the biggest motivation to keep my store going :) and I know nothing could be better than this, that's why I never stop my marketing efforts for it.

9. How much time do you spend on internet?

I am very particular about my work, so I try to spend most of the time on internet and keep myself going. As I am a Husband and Father of one, I never forget my responsibility as well. So I am very particular about my timings and spend enough time with my son mostly on weekends. 

10. What do you do in your spare time?

Honestly speaking I don't have even single minute of spare time. This life has made me too occupied with personal and professional things with God's grace. I even plan my weekends and holidays so that I don't have spare time. 

Secret trait of successful people that they even plan their Sundays (weekends). 

11. As you know BEPINKU.COM is my new blog, so what do you think about my blog?

I connected with Md Sakil Ansari on facebook and when first time I got introduced to your blog it seems to me just like another blog, but when I read the content in it that was really valuable. 

I am sure you will do some great work with your blog, I wish you all the best for your future endeavours. Stay blessed, stay in touch!

It's my turn now:

Thanks Danish for giving me your valuable time. Good luck for your bright future.

Do share what you have learned by reading this inspiration filled interview with Danish Wadhwa.